Music Monday: Hatty Keane — The ‘Unknown’ Superstar Chick Who Performed at Your School

I was surprised to find a autograph flyer and CD of Hatty Keane on my younger sister’s keyboard. So I later on asked her and she (my sister) states that the singer came to her school to perform (hmmmm, very interesting). With this in mind, I’ve decided to create a ‘Music Monday’ feature on the singer.

The first time I heard about her was in 2010; when one of her tracks was among the list of MTV’s Brand New for 2010. Hearing her again doing a school tour indicates to me that she is the one to watch. So to all you secondary school cats that didn’t know who she was when she came to your schools this blog post should ring a bell (in your head).

Ms Keane’s first break was when she competed for the Open Mic UK; a music/singing contest which featured some of the biggest names and pioneers of UK music as judged:  Ras Kwame, Chris Grayston, Dane Bowers, Michael King of BGM and Shola Ama. Personally at 19, the Chesire native has a portfolio (should I say portfolio?) of great highlights: supported Tinchy Stryder, Olly Murs, Wretch 32, Ed Sheeran and was an award presenter with Pixie Lott at the WellChild Awards by royal majesty Prince Harry. Sister has been in the game for a while and in 2013 she’s continually maturing her music material as well as her image…well, I think her image is ‘dope’ (hot). Who thought her rock chic/urban/pop image will go well with her R&B/pop material? She’s really is breaking the mold…

Here are a few of her tracks:

No One Loves You

Caught You Out

Pick ‘N’ Mix

After her Inspire the Kids school tour, her next mission is to build her international status. She has tours scheduled in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and BRAZIL! Already, she’s a talk of the town among big US music labels Bad Boy Entertainment and Scott Storch. I understand that Rihanna is the pop princess at the moment (if not the world) but if you’re looking for sister that can sing and also has an edge to her style then Hatty Keane is your girl.

Speaking of Rihanna, Keane states that she’s  her inspiration as well as Black Eyed Peas, Taio Cruz and Dane Bowers.

Her album ‘Pick N Mix’ will feature 11 songs; 9 of which she wrote. In the meantime, her new video for track ‘No One Loves You’ is available to watch now. Although, ‘Troublemaker’ is the first official release from the album.


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