The Sugababes: Who Really Runs The Name

Let’s remind ourselves of the story of the Sugababes:

First we had (the original) members Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan.  After a series of feuds, Siobhan left and was replaced with Heidi Range. Mutya quit the group with Jade Ewen being her replacement. Later, Keisha Buchanan decided to leave and was replaced with Amelle Berrabah.

Rebellion, rants and complaints erupted with the whole right over the group’s name due to no original members in the band. After the sadness of many people’s faces and the pessimism of the original members returning to the music scene; Keisha, Mutya & Siobhan made a guest appearance TOGETHER at the 2012 Q Awards! Plus, they announce their new reunion and return to the music scene as Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan (in other words MKS). They announce their official new single ‘Flatline’ is their first release from their upcoming album and are currently working on a new sound to reflect their new matured chapter in their lives.

The Sugababes name should just call it day. I mean how long have we been hearing about Amelle, Heidi and Jade now? It’s almost about 13 years and the name is still around (as well as the group). Afterall, they’ve been shortlisted a few times on BBC Three’s ‘Most Annoying People’ since the original members left (The Most Annoying series always airs on New Year’S Eve as it reflects on that years’ annoying people, celebrities and trends). What’s funny is the fact that rumours have escalated concerning the new Sugababes splitting. Metro reports how Jade was caught asking to join MKS (which is never going to happen to in a million years)! Guess she’s know that her Sugababe ladies ‘ain’t-got-that-swag’ since MKS have returned to the scene…

What I love about the ex-Sugababes are their harmonies and their creative flair of experimenting with music. You have Keisha with a strong, powerful voice, Mutya bringing in some urban soul whilst Siobhan has that pure innocence with her vocals. We all fell in love with her when singing in their millennium track ‘Overload’ (train comes I don’t know it’s destination).

Their sisterly love, relationship and maturity after their surprise appearance at the Q Awards & Glamour Awards has got all of their ex-Sugababies (fans) filled with mixed emotions of excitement, shock, surprise…and for the second time, excitement. Despite Mutya and Siobhan have successfully release solo material, together they’re a triple-power force ready to take over the world. Their single ‘Flatline’ is just a taster of what to expect from these ladies. I have a good feeling that they will definitely have a record of number 1 hits. If they’re lucky, they can take over the world. Afterall, we need a super girl group after Destiny’s Child. Riggggght?

Whether the new Sugababes performed alongside MKS, we all know who the real Sugababes are.

Their single ‘Flatline’ will be available on September 1st.


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