EXCLUSIVE: The Bourne Sequel 2 Is In The Ropes

We can agree that Matt Damon’s whopping tribute to the Bourne sequel has made the movie franchise to be one of the best movies made in the 21st Century.

Whilst Matt Damon’s protagonist character won a few film awards in the Bourne sequel one, rumours has it that there’s a huge possibility that the Bourne saga will continue with a second trilogy. That’s the good news.

Bad news? Matt Damon’s iconic character as Jason Bourne will not return. The new trilogy will feature Jeremy Renner, who made his debut in Bourne Legacy. Apparently the movie gained a decent revenue worldwide ($276 million to be exact), which adds to the new opportunity to establish Renner’s acting career (I mean look what happened to Damon after the Bourne sequel 1, he has gone on to do bigger and better things). Plus, Inside Movies reports how the producer’s dream to uniting Damon & Renner (which would be epic). So on the bright side, there’s a chance that he may return; although nothing been confirmed yet.

Personally, with Bourne sequel 1 (the one with Matt Damon) the audience grew with James Bourne. Each of the three movies created suspense that kept the viewers at the edge of their seat. Will Universal recieve the same success with Renner as Aaron Cross? Now that question is left with suspense…


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