Miss Movin’ On – Fifth Harmony Shows Us How To Have Fun After A Breakup In Video Debut

X Factor US finalist Fifth Harmony debut with their first video, which has already reached a whopping 2 million views…indicating that I’m late! Darn.

Their track Miss Movin’ On is all about moving on after a heartbreak. Their fun love-free music video just shows that you can always have fun even without a man…as they say girls really do know how to have fun.

I’ve been reading viewers comments. Some say that they’re better than One Direction, others say that they’re the girl version of the (1D) group. Comments have also been made that with many opinionated that they’re way better than UK’s Little Mix. All I can say is this…COMPETITION COMPETITION hmmmm hmmm (snap for the kids, people snap for the kids).

However, if I was going to choose between 1D and 5th Harmony on the basis of vocals, I would choose 5th Harmony. 1D can sing but you know, if you believe that they’re hot (especially Zayn) then you would fall in love at first sight. 1D are cute and they have catchy songs that would make you fall in love — and the fact that they have that ‘British’ accent that most Americans desire (please note that not everyone in the UK speaks like the Queen). I think vocally they’re on the same playing field as Little Mix, the only difference is that 5th Harmony consists of five members instead of four. Whilst Little Mix have a mixture of pop/R&B, 5th Harmony at the moment are doing pop/rock.  Nevertheless 5th Harmony represent the diversity of America in terms of ethnicity, backgrounds, personality and style. The ‘all American girl’






Each girl has their strengths that contributes to the group in some way. Even though many pop fans are debating about the Little Mix vs One Direction vs 5th Harmony…may i remind you that it’s just early days. We can say that Little Mix and One Direction have experienced success after being put together as group by the judges on the UK version of the show. So,  let’s see if Fifth Harmony will follow suit and then we can start voicing our opinions.

Nevertheless, I love these ladies!


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