Films 2013: Keanu Reeves Returns As Samurai Kai In ’47 Ronin’

Keanu Reeves has already seen success from his role in Matrix Trilogy and The Day Earth Stood Still, The brother sure knows how to act in sci-fi movies, but this upcoming movie sees him outside is comfort zone. I present to you Keanu Reeves — the samurai. We all have a soft spot for Japanese-samurai-ancient-fantasy films, from the kung-fu, the traditional dressing to their taste of true revenge and restoration of homeland dignity. Therefore 47 Ronin has be a grilling epic tale brought to you in 3D.

Reeves stars as an outcast Kai who joins Oishi to seek what I call restoration-vengeance to restore diginity to their homeland as their master was killed by an overload. The warriors quest for this restoration-vengeance is challenged by a series of trials that would either make or break them as warriors.

Reeves is joined by Hiroyuki Sanada who plays Oishi leader of the 47 Ronin. Someone under the movie trailer commented:

‘The skeptic in me says this film may be terrible, but the rest of me says SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS LOOKS AMAZING.”

UK release is December. However, date still needs to be confirmed.


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