Celebrity Branding And It’s Influence On Fan-Purchasing

Many fashion and media communication companies have expanded their departments to cater to celebrity clients. Consumers may be cutting back on their favourite food, clothing, cosmetic etc., brands but they’re spending more on brands that are associated with their favourite superstars.

Celebrity branding has increased over the years, with the Spice Girls creating the platform in the late 90s (they had dolls, photos, stationery, T-shirts, jumpers, bags, confectionery and puff jackets).  We can all agree that they were a global-pop-girl-band-powerhouse…

We’ve seen many A-listers going entrepreneurial; bringing ‘oomph’ to companies’ profits with their own range of products and endorsements. I think the first market to see the benefits of celebrities was the perfumery market. Many celebrities have created their own scent and made it available to consumers (or should I say fans). Can’t remember? Then let me a remind you of a few of them. Please note that I have selected these because the celebrity behind the perfume has a very STRONG following…


These fellas developed ab array of fans with their hoodies that represented their favourite colours (Ortise = red, Marvin = green, Ashton = blue, JB = yellow). Their early JLS* logo and merchandise was already a hit during their time on X Factor. Post X Factor, they are one of the most successful boy band in Britain. The boys launched their Kiss perfume in 2012 as well as the occasional Love for the ladies. Other franchises include their range of condoms with Durex.

Kim Kardashian

Hate her or love her, she’s done really well marketing her assets with ‘the tape’ (which may be the reason why many would say that she has no talent…just her assets). I can recall when she had her first debut in the UK with the launch of her self-entitled perfume. She has expanded her scent with a Gold edition and Glam Pink.

Katie Price

The ‘glamour’ model is the queen when it comes to launching her own line of scent: Besotted, Precious Love and Stunning.

Justin Bieber

I can bet you 100% that most of his ‘belibers’ have brought his perfume. He first launched his first scent Someday and Girlfriend last year. I think the names and the scent alone shows his maturity of becoming a man.

Lady Gaga

She may have a show-stopping comeback, but her Fame perfume, which features notes of blood and semen (ewww, gross that’s creepy) was a top-seller last year at Superdrug. It even beat Beyonce’s and Madonna’s altogether. Although, I do find the ‘notes of blood and semen disturbing…wonder if it means there’s some in there or it’s just another way of explaining the ‘black fluid’. Either way, still creepy.

Cher Lloyd

Her perfume Pink Diamond exceeded sales by 500%!

The Cher Lloyd perfume starts at £15 for 30ml, and features white chocolate, jasmin and quince


Pulse, Heat, Midnight Heat, Heat Rush and Pulse Summer Edition all aim to make women feel ‘…sexy, strong, empowered…I want them to feel like they can conquer anything.’

Apart from these, there’s Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’, Rihanna’s ‘Reb’l Fleur’ & ‘Nude’, Madonna’s ‘Musical’ & ‘Truth or Dare’…who else is there?… oh yes, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Glow,’ ‘Love’, ‘Still’ & ‘Deseo’, Britney Spears’ ‘Fantasy’, ‘Radiance’ & ‘Believe’, One Direction’s ‘Our Moment’…there’s  list of celebrity perfumes to try.

Anyways, their mark have opened marketing and branding opportunities that were once only available to fashion designers (as they make a lot of perfumes),

Speaking of fashion designers, celebrities are also having a influence on what we wear too; by either collaborating or creating their own fashion line separately. Beyonce’s House of Dereon, Madonna’s Material Girl and Rihanna For River Island are just a few that have added to their ‘fashion icon’ to their status. Kate Moss’ created her own range with Topshop, which was a best-seller. P.Diddy created his Sean John designer label and graced the catwalks of New York & Paris Fashion Week. Victoria Beckham has established herself as a fashion designer having her collection seen in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and worn by other celebrities! Jay-Z’s old Rocawear line was loved by hip hop fans in the 00’s, a decade where Kimora-Lee Simmons Baby Phat clothing line (especially, the tracksuit and jeans) were loved by girls everywhere: it really gave that uplift to the ‘booty’. Russell Simmons men’s Phat Farm line made every guy to want the trainers and the clothes. The Kardashian Kollection is already a big hit in America. After the huge success with Dorothy Perkins, the ladies have renewed their contract and continue to invade the UK high street by partnering with Lipsy.  Kanye West is currently planning to launch his own line of trainers…his designer head office is in East London.

Apart from perfumery and fashion, cosmetics is another area that celebrities are now tapping into. Check out One Direction’s ‘Little Things’ make-up range with MUA Make-up Academy and Little Mix’s nail wraps and press-ons that are available at New Look as well as the Kardashians Beauty range exclusively available on feelunique.com. Supermodel Iman’s make-up range has opened up a new market as women of colour have difficulty finding the right foundation to match their skin complexion.

It’s understandable that these A-listers must advance their revenue from just record sales. In a time where the economic circumstances have hit hard, celebrities are finding new ways to increase themselves as a brand, which in affect increases their fanbase. Gone are the days where you just relied on your music. Also, many celebrities have become entrepreneurial either by intelligence or just to increase their salary, even if they have no expertise (they can be like Katie Price, where a ghost writer writes her narrative books or Rihanna, who has a designer that creates the drawings).

However, don’t be fooled, in order for a celebrity’s products to be successful, they must already marketed their individual fashion style, taste and personality beforehand. A celebrity must have a strong range of hits and followers before going to other endorsements. I think the establishment of relationships is through their craft, (which is in most cases predominately music). Just because one is a celebrity doesn’t indicate that you’ll be successful in other endorsements. Just ask Little Mix and their range of dolls, which was reported by Noel Sean in the Metro that he spotted a few in Poundstore. Ouch.

There’s even a cringing reality that even reality stars are tapping into the market too. The Only Way Of Essex created a perfume entitled Be Reem. Gemma Collins launched her special range of clothing for plus women. Reality stars now think that they can create products  and be successful as the global counterparts (don’t know what planet they’re on). Nevertheless, the products must compliment the celebrity’s personality as a living brand. It’s essential that it must be relative in a way that would allow consumers to feel as if they can either relate or be like them.

Being a celebrity is great BUT they’re brand that are vulnerable to media-destruction if not careful. Taking into account of Tulisa’s alleged drug arrest, consumer perception can quickly change (in this case a lot of people didn’t like Tulisa anyways). Hence why many join the books of PR agencies and firms. If you have a million of followers then you’ve automatically become a brand. It’s just how you use your status that would determine your commercial success

…bye bye celebrity stationery.


One thought on “Celebrity Branding And It’s Influence On Fan-Purchasing

  1. I’m certain America heard of the jay-z and beyonce’s sister solange altercation in the elevator.
    A close friend revealed that it was all for publicity and she needed a little boost for her new album and the met gala was the perfect place.
    Jay-z and beyonce are also preparing for a tour this summer


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