Death and life in what you say

‘Death and life is in the power of the tongue’.

From singing to talking; humans have the power to either bless or curse others, both indirectly or directly. Out of everything in the world, the only thing man can’t control is his tongue. So be careful what you say because people’s live good and bad lives because they either digest that negative/positive statement that someone or themselves have thought of… so the question here is this: what are you thinking about yourself? Do you listen and take in everything the media/people says or do you filter the information that goes in your mind, your body and everyday life? Trust me, not everything people say means something positive (some people would have a subliminal message to a statement that is cursing/negative and yet the person who the comment/statement/song  is directed to doesn’t know it or is ignorant).

Are there haters? Of course! However, the greatest enemy is yourself. So, be sure to allow your mind and ears to become vigilant with different conversations and talks you take as well as the people you’re listening to. BE POSITIVE!


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