EXCLUSIVE: Hyper Japan 2013! Japanese Fashion Mix of Tradition & Pop Culture

Three words that I would describe Japanese fashion: flamboyant, fun and playful. Heavily inspired by the traditional past of their ancestors to the current (or some would say modern) fascination of Japanese anime and cosplaying.

I’ve been going to the Hyper Japan event for almost two years and I must say, the fashion keeps getting better. Fans and lovers of Japanese culture ditch the individualism of British fashion and put on their alter egos and crazy fashion sense for a spectacular that only comes around once every year. Make-up and beauty is in the open. It’s whatever your taste is really. You can come with a purple ponytail wig with a traditional kimono dress and some cool accessories with an all out pop-art take of the traditional geisha make-up and you’ll still get photographed by visitors and photographers alike. Whilst many Brits are still in a gradual process of learning how to ‘mix n match’ colours and fabrics, the Japanese have already become an expert in it.  The people are so out there with fashion that many will go to extremes to create something new, becoming a trendsetter that would make fashion followers envy, want and plan to advance their own style. In other words, street fashion never sleeps in the Japanese world…you are a living mannequin.

British iconic fashion style punk (started by the legendary Vivienne Westwood) has been made with a Japanese twist. Many of punks are given a stare or look due to their extreme style of piercings, tattoos, chains etc (they’re a special bunch). So it’s no surprise that Vivienne Westwood would definitely be a hit in Japan. They even add to the look by either jazzing it up with uniforms or an huge array of cute accessories that-have-gone-bad. This includes the extreme of creating (or tearing) the traditional kimono and layering it with tartan, polka dots and a splash of strong punk colours (many punk Brits usually just stick with the basic dark tonnes). Despite being named Japanese punk, the style is the rebellious version of the cute playful Harajuku/Loilta girl (even the men join in with the fun too).

So what is in trend in British fashion that you can begin with to create your own Japanese inspired signature look. Hmmm now let’s see…

Juju Jellies – especially the Juju babes. I’ve only seen them available in Glitter, black and clear. However, there are some stores like ASOS, Office & Bank that also sell them in white, pink, lilac and mint green. I remember one customer who was wearing a Juju maxi (the flat ones) in mint green. If you can’t get the iconic childhood shoes then Linzi has their own version. Which is available at linzishoes.co.uk.

Carmelita Shoes Smoke £20.00

Bold graphic prints – whether it’s statement stripes or a mashup of two irregular objects that-don’t-go-together. There’s been a lot of typology prints going on this year so why not get a bold print and add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.

ASOS Typography Bright Bodycon £30

Marvel™ Comic Graphic Pullover £18.75

Red Pattern (Red) Red Animal Print Cap Sleeve Mini Dress £14.99

Metallics – especially with the hologram trend. It’s hard to nail but I can say that silver hologram goes very well with pastel/baby colours such as pink, green, baby blue etc. If you’re thinking to jazz it up with a strong pop colour, make sure that your pieces are plain as the hologram material is already doing the talking.

ASOS CURVE Hologram Stripe Swing Top £25

Francesca Hologram Sequin Racer Bodycon Dress

Leather skirts – Every girls’ essential piece. Available in pleated and non-pleated. However, in line with this post, check out Boohoo’s Sandy Punched Skirt, it’s available in Cobalt Blue!

Sandy Punched Hole Leatherette Skater Skirt

Oriental – Whether you want one for a festival or just for a day outfit, the high-street has a few interesting collections for those looking to get inspiration from East Asia:

ASOS Premium Kimono Maxi £75.00



Although, I must admit: nothing beats the real kimono!

Don’t forget, the event takes place for three days from Friday 26th – Sunday 28th July. I’ll advise to take a camera with you and some money. It’s summer and school’s out so remember to enjoy yourself now! 🙂


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