Batman/Superman Movie? Now That’s Epic

We’ve all dreamed of a day (and time) where two of Marvel greatest (and favourite) superheroes will duet in a movie that will make them unstoppable…

…now it’s rumoured that this dream will soon be coming to our screens. Yes people, according to Inside Movies, they report that it’ll be another Man of Steel movie but his partner of justice will be The Dark Knight (shout hooray for that one). So, looking into the rumours and news from other comic-nerd and movie sites, many are stating that this is in the ropes. At the moment, the announcement from Warner Bros at Comic Con International has still left us in suspense. What will the plot be? Any names yet for the upcoming Batman/Superman film? Will Christian Bale & Henry Cavill return to play the iconic characters? Oh, the questions, the questions! The Guardian are reporting that the second film to Man of Steel will make Batman the villain…hmm now that’s a twist my claim that Batman will be a partner-of-justice.

This news is very exciting. I’m fully aware that the Dark Knight trilogy has received many positive reviews and was nominated for a few film awards, so let’s hope this film will be placed alongside the likes of Twilight or something (Man of Steel received mixed reviews).

…but I think it’s official that I attend the Comic-Con event in London Excel in October…camera at the ready.


One thought on “Batman/Superman Movie? Now That’s Epic

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