Forever 21 vs Primark: What They Can Learn From Each Other

Primark thought that they were on the verge of securing themselves has the bargain leader of fast fashion in Europe…not.

America’s (answer to Primark) Forever 21 has obtained stores in all parts of the world in Asia & South America. Their quest for global domination continues  in Europe, opening stores in England, Scotland, Berlin and currently France. Primark on the other hand, has stores in mainly Europe…(looks like they have some catching up to do).

Both companies are changing the way of fashion; making it fast, affordable (cheap) and accessible. If we were in some fantasy world, they can learn from each other.

Forever 21’s interior is sleek. The store attempts to make their customers very comfortable and what better way with the store’s interior, which is French-chique-Victorian inspired to match the monochrome colour scheme. Their accessories are merchandised on jewel stands and glass bowls, placed on round tables; allowing  you to pick n mix your accessories. It’s almost like you’re entering into an kitchen of jewel candy. Their fitting rooms are embellished with very nice chandeliers…it helps when there’s a lot of portrait mirrors around store.

Primark places all their products together. I think this is how many UK customers like their stores to be. Hence why they don’t like it when Forever 21 places the sames products in different places…

Forever 21 change their sales floor daily keeping track of pre-season, mid-season and season trends, just like the designers on the catwalks. Unlike Primark where the same products are placed in the same place for ages. Forever 21 get new products every week, which in affect causes products in particular concepts (I will explain this later) to be swapped or changed round just to make the store always interesting for the customer as we do get bored at some point if we see the same products in the same place (it’s explain your dilemma of wanting to purchase later once you’ve found it and then unable to relocate the product  when returning to the store).

Primark now sell their products on ASOS. I understand that Forever 21 has their own website but they can generate more revenue if they also sell on ASOS. There’s an ASOS US version that they can sell their products from. ASOS are also planning to launch their China version soon and with China being a huge market with many consumers, it can be an market opportunity.

Forever 21 is always creating their version of catwalks trends to the ‘Forever 21’ consumer If you’re wondering why certain parts of their stores are bright, dark, black etc., it’s because they have concepts which reflects the diversity of the ‘Forever 21’ customer. Each concept has a name and a personality brief of the ‘Forever 21’ girl, with different colours, products and accessories associated and related to the theme, as the season progresses, the colours and products also slightly change. New concepts are always introduced every six weeks.

Misunderstood? Then I’ll enlighten my point with a few examples.

Now this week, my local Forever 21 (where I work) is changing its sales floor again with brand new products and themes for the mid-summer/pre-autumn (or if you’re American pre-fall) season.  Please note that at this time, I fairly know the concepts. However, in order to explain this point I’ll briefly highlight this point

Pop Power: Inspired by contemporary art of comic books and Marvel superheroes, this have primary colours of blue, yellow and red so expect to see cool white tees, skater skirts and logo tees.

Grunge Chic: This is bringing back the golden years of British punk so screw the feminine cuts! This theme is filled with dark tonnes of khaki, camoflauge prints, spikes, boots, tartan and masculine cuts.

Model of Duty: It’s the smashup of Rap City (without the leopard print) and Spring’s City Chique. If  that doesn’t help, then imagine you going to a interview for a fashion magazine, company, brand etc. You understand now? This concept incorporates the sleek cuts of the monochrome (black and white).

Primark understand the UK sizes. The problem with Forever 21 is that one must convert American sizing to British. Their small, medium and large sizes are different to UK measurements (for example US large is a 12-14 compared to UK 14-16).  Therefore, I strongly suggest that consumers try the clothes…you’ll be surprised how you can fit into many sizes in Forever 21 as it varies with the design cut of the garment.

Forever 21 does Plus Sizes  sub-brand Forever 21+ certainly continues the company’s youthful vibrant personality for all body types and body shapes. Following the likes of ASOS, New Look and H&M to create fashionable, comfortable clothing for the curvy female; all at good affordable prices. Come on ladies with voluptuous bodies! You don’t need to be skinny in order to show your style. I feel Primark should produce a  plus size range alongside their limited edition pieces.

The recession has caused many fashion brands to make fashion accessible to a fashion seeking public. We want clothes that are easy to wear from season to season and with Forever 21 conquering the UK, Primark needs to watch their back.


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