Sex Tapes – The Easy Ploy For Money & The Fame

Sex tapes, sex tapes, sex tapes. Its basically seeing a favourite celebrity (or nobody) having sex whilst being filmed (durr). Episodes on The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) shows how the allegations of Dan (who’s fine but is a father-to-be) and (Mario’s ex) Lucy’s sex video was effecting everyone after their holiday in Marbella. Ray J’s track ‘I Hit It First’ was a subliminal underline message to Kim Kardashian that she would have never reach the high life without him and ‘the tape’. Paris Hilton has one, Tulisa’s ex sold the tape to journalists, Farrah from MTV’s reality 16 & Pregnant sold one…the list goes on and on.

While people use it for blackmail, money or fame, what I don’t understand is this, when did sex become an all access viewing. Yes, I do know that there are gigolos, pimps, prostitutes and porn (which I don’t watch, it corrupts ones mind too deeply) but what happened to ‘let’s get it on’ — without a camera in the bedroom. I guess it’s just me questioning this. I thought when one’s horny, you wouldn’t even think about getting a camera once both of you rapidly take your clothes off (unless you’re a perv i.e pervert). Oh well, it’s just goes to show how many would stop at nothing to get fame (for example, despite Kim Kardashian having many lovers, fans and worshipers…she also has ALOT of haters, some of whom wouldn’t deny her beautiful physique and appearance but on the basis that she’s a SLUT). Many fast gossip newspapers and magazine would pay millions to someone who has a good ‘dirt’ story about a huge celeb. That’s what happened to Tulisa, who found out that her ex was selling it to newspaper publicists and unfortunately, it went on Youtube and tried to justify the video with her own response to the incident (didn’t see the need to be honest).

Nevertheless, the sex tape situation can either make or break a person’s reputation. Kim benefited from it, she’s now a ‘sex bomb’ by many men and the biggest reality star on the planet. Paris Hilton, who is already blessed with a rich family heritage from became the biggest celebrity socialite (at one point). Tulisa on the other hand didn’t. She became more detested by the general British public. It can be argued that she’s nothing more than the female singer from N-Dubz (I even hear people making fun at her because she’s from the council estates of North West London). Many would believe that Farrah Abraham is just a fame wannabe. She hired some porn star (James Deen) to have sex with her and sold the tape for $1.6 million. She later justifies her decision on the basis that she wanted to show off her awesome body. If these claims are true then gurl, you’re lying kmt! Admit it, you just want to be famous. Afterall, you followed the company’s ploy of marketing the professional adult film as ‘a tape’ correct?

Many reports states that James Deen was not very pleased and even states that the same company wanted him to pretend that he and Farrah was dating…oooh sneeky snake.

(Sigh)…I don’t how many celebrity sex tapes are going to be made available to us. They should just make a sex tape archive just for those for a private screening. It’s just goes to show how accessible sex is…if you’re lucky, you can even get it around the corner.

THAT LAST STATEMENT IS NOT AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO GET ONE. You’re better off enjoying the pleasure of your partner’s intimacy, physique and love under the sheets behind closed doors. I don’t know how these celebrities can get over it but for many of us, it’s really quite embarrassing if millions watch it.


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