Palmer’s Olive Butter Formula Skin Range: The Body Lotion

Before Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Care range was made available in mainstream supermarkets, I’ve been always using the brands skin care range. Those from African/Black/Afro-Caribbean descents know that their Cocoa Butter is the name of the game. Apart from using their trademark Cocoa Formula, I also use Palmer’s Oliver Oil Butter Formula range which is available at most Afro-Cosmetics shops and mainstream stores. This is a quick fix to get youthful skin in the organic way as it’s filled with antioxidants. You can only see the results if you use it constantly. To receive better results, use the Body Lotion with their Organic Therapy Soap, which only a few Afro-cosmetic shops sell so check if they have at your nearest store. Otherwise, you can always purchase online. If you run out, I suggest that you also use their Body Balm (available in organic) or their Body Butter as a substitute.

Oh I almost forgot, all of Palmer’s Olive Butter Formula skin care range has Vitamin E.

At the moment, I’m using their body lotion. I plan to get their soap and body balm/butter to improve my skin cells and have effortless naturally beauty. I’ve use their range before; especially the soap. It’s makes you feel as if you’ve had a massage all over!


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