The Real Housewives of Atlanta: 5 Fast Life Lessons

The Real Housewives of Atlanta was really drama! Despite this, the realness, honesty and hard-core truths is what makes the show the mostly watched, loved and debatable one…what better way for the producers to bring the heat by reuniting all of the housewives — bringing along their husbands to address the issues and events that have occurred on the fourth season.

Looking back, I’ve come up with 5 fast lessons:

1. Never pressure a man to walk down the aisle

Regardless of whether it’s your dream to have a family (or you’re running out of eggs), it’s very insulting to any man when a woman keeps hinting the ‘eloping’ factor. Men are their own person and like Phaedra saids ‘whosoever findeth a wife…not a man…it’s just like hunting down a dog’. 

Kenya had the dream of marrying Walter because it’s her dream to have a family. However, her constant pressure and pest at him to ‘put a ring on it’ lead the relationship to a breakdown. To make matters worse, sister started making claims that he’s gay. Dang girl! Just because you didn’t get your dream ending, doesn’t mean that you should cause the brother mayhem, which Apollo highlighted in the reunion (funny how it escalated that there were claims that Kenya brought him to the show just for the promotion).

2. A real woman will own up to her mistakes & apologise

There’s nothing wrong in saying ‘hey, I was wrong and I do apologise’. Both parties have to own up to something in some cases.

Porsha was wrong to call Kenya ‘ghetto’  at their holiday feud in Anguilla (Kenya’s first fabolous twirl). No black woman likes to be called the ‘g’ word. However at the same time, I don’t think Kenya apologised to Porsha properly, despite having a girls meeting in the morning before heading to their daily activities in Anguilla and even meeting up with her at a cafe. It just ended up with some things remained unsaid…accept for Porsha calling her ‘ashy feet’. DEEP.

3. It’s not good to be shady, not one bit…

Phaedra has been caught out by both Cynthia & Kenya for saying certain things about them. It went to hot temperature when Nene highlighted a personal incident that occurred behind the cameras of Phaedra talking to her half-sisters at the reunion. Ladies, shadiness is a pet peeve to a majority…

…hmm, I wonder if it’s best for some things to be remained unsaid, ‘even if you thought about it’  according to Kenya. I don’t understand why people backbite, as it just sparks more horns between two people.

4.   Be innovative with your business

From Kandi’s sex toy business Bedroom Kandi and her record label Kandi Koated Entertainment to Kenya Moore’s production company. there’s nothing wrong in having your own business. Check out Phaedra’s ‘Phine Booty’ workout. Now is there any DVD that focuses on getting a ‘donkey booty’ like hers?

Entrepreneurship is the way forward nowadays. ”Ain’t no government giving free dough like befo’ ”. Now I have to warn you– it’s not an easy road to set up your business, but if you’re dedicated to your vision, passion and motivation, you’ll be plain sailing.

5. Never loose sight of your independence and your voice

Despite women having more responsibilities being a housewife, you never loose the individual that you are as a person. Always have a balance between your friends and spouse as you can still have fun and always voice your opinion.

Nene’s trip to Las Vegas made the housewives suspicious of Kordell’s controlling ways on Porsha after she refused to go to the strip club. Look, there’s nothing wrong in a man protecting his lady BUT if he becomes controlling to the extent that she can’t fight for herself…then erm, it’s a relationship-of-dictatorship. I understand that men are the ‘head of the house’ but that shouldn’t mean that they should be dictators. Men have a responsibility to love their wives like weaker vessels, trust and listen.

It’s even sad when Porsha’s dreams of having a kids whilst working was shattered when he hinted that he wanted her to stay at home as it’s her desire to continue her grandfather’s legacy in charity work (bless her). Their differences lead to their divorce.

I appreciate your time reading this post. Remember that no matter what life throws at you, ‘you’re fabolous honey’ (snap for the kids sister, snap for the kids)!


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