Beautiful Anomaly: Soul Music Redefined By Purple Ferdinard

@PurpleFerdinard‘s image isn’t typical for a sister of soul. Despite the songstress having illustrations of ink and piercings around her body, her music consists the sound of an ukulele; something that is a whole different split from her punk/rock appearance.

The singer is highly rated by the BBC, Hunger Magazine & She has performed for Secret Sessions & MTV UK and is currently signed to ATV/Sony Recordings. I’ve stated previously that her music is more of soul; but I add by saying that she’s pimped her work by mixing nostalgia and British folk with a sprinkling of poetic rhymes that makes you want to click your fingers. Whilst everyone is all jumping to the upbeat-tempo-techno-catchy-dance-music, she’s brings peace to the body, mind and soul.

‘Beautiful Anomaly’ is an acoustic video from the East London native. Her voice is down to earth with a sense of vulnerability that showcases her emotion to both love and heartbreak. Taking her upbringing and environment as an inspiration to what she writes about the funny world of life.

The fact that she’s brought a new meaning to soul makes her a groundbreaker to the music genre. Following her music idols such as Eva Cassidy, Johnny Cash & Stevie Wonder to become an emerging legend and uprising superstar. The music industry ‘s obsession with image has just been turned upside down and Purple Ferdinard is the eye-opener of this. What can we learn? Well for one, never judge an artist’s music material by their appearance and secondly, irrespective of our weirdness, differences or tastes, we are all unique under the sun and that what makes us ‘beautiful anomaly’.

Catch her this Sunday at the SBTV Stage at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival. If you’re reading this in the US or other parts of the world, I suggest you take a listen to another acoustic track by Purple Ferdinard called ‘Define Me’.

P.s. I recommend you light a few candles with this one…


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