The Outcome, Expectations, Aspirations & Inspiration

Sadly, I never got the Fabric internship, but I have no fear because the future is bright.

To those of you that is a huge fan of Alexis Knox, she’s been on the hunt for a intern to expand her amazing stylist brand. I think she’s on the verge of becoming a Creative Director…sweet stuff! I’m still thinking about the position weighing the pros and cons.

On the good side, I have an interview with Shooting Beauty. Great news eh? They are an amazing company who does studio photoshoots with fashion magazines and help those who are looking to get into the fashion/beauty/bridal industry get that foot-in-door experience allowing them to network and build relationships. Personally, I’ve been trying to get experience on a live photoshoot set. It’s been a tough one but ‘I know a change gonna come.’ Come on now, we need a bit of motivation ‘I was born, by the river…’

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position at Entertainmentwise as a Social Media & PR Intern, which is a total bummer but I think it’s a blessing as there’s a much more opportunities to come. The news strengthens my constant resilience to develop my experience.

Iinternships on my hot list this week are:

Media Team Assistant Vacancy at Outdoor. They’re  not asking for much in terms of qualifications; so I better make my application spot on

Communications Intern at Crisis: I’ve always wanted the help the homeless. So I’m taking the risk to develop the essential skills with this internship. I’m giving praise to God with my service 🙂

Cancer Research: I might be crazy, but I’m reapplying again either in the Celebrity Foundation New Business or the Special Events Team (being open minded here).

Sandy Ent PR was a funny one. At first they wanted my application but I replied to verify the section in the email that stated for me to explain why I wanted to work with them. Only to find out that they didn’t want my application anymore. I wasn’t trying to be rude; I just wanted to check 😦

Fingers crossed that I get that role as a Studio Assitant at Shooting Beauty because that’s on experience that I can tick off my personal skills list.

In the meantime, I need to get back to Iconemesis on that Social Media Intern position that I was interested in.


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