Curtis Moore: Once A Child, Now A Male Artist

Gratitude to Ten Letter PR who took the time to email me.

Wondering if you guys remember this chap whose wit didn’t go down well with Simon Cowell.

Fast foward to 4 years after his debut on X Factor and I give you Curtis Moore; the soon to be ‘ladies man’ (hey hey hey hey). Apart from his track ‘Number 1 Girl’ feat Victizzle reaching the top 20 on BBC’s 1Xtra’s Commercial Club Chart, the singer now sets his trademark into the music scene with his ‘collabo’ track ‘Lipstick’ featuring Scrocher.

If you haven’t heard of him then you better get him on your music radar. He’s been highly supported by Capital, the ‘UK’s no.1 music station’. If they think that’s he’s the one to watch, then you should too. Irrespective of your thoughts of him being good-looking.

Plus, there are remixes of his single release too! Check out my favourites:

Lipstick – Sunship Remix

Lipstick – Cutmore Reedit

Lipstick – Andi Currant Club Remix

Single will be released on the 28th August.

Before I end this post, I’d just like to say that Mr Moore, you are one real man. You’ve let your past die in the ocean and have begun a new chapter in your life of maturity (I’m giving you a bravo whilst writing this). So cheers from me to your new beginning. You’ll definitely get the ladies’ attention I can assure you!


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