Films 2013: January Jones is Ruthless in ‘Sweetwater’

The Wild West has never had that female ‘bitch’ who was nothing but bitter sweet…

Well, Mad Men’s January Jones is that bitch that was once in love and now a hater of life itself- with vengeance  The actress plays a housewive who husband gets killed by a religious fanatic played by Jason Isaac. With the vengeance quest to hunt the suspect, she’s joined by Ed Harris a lawman who also tracking down the guy but with a different agenda.

The adoption of January Jones from submissive Betty in Mad Men to a gritty-sophisticated-lady-whose-eyes shows-no-mercy is so addictive that I want to go and see the movie.

So cowboys, it isn’t about the lady in black or red but the bonnie-in-purple. She may look decent. However, if you get in her way, she’ll kill you.



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