It’s OFFICIAL: Jessie J Has Left ‘The Voice’

Now how can the show be good without her?

Sadly, Jessie J will not be returning to the show as she’s called it quits.

The sister has followed her heart to continue pursuing her first love-music.

With her second studio album still baking in the oven, Jessie J plans to promote her new material once freshly baked.

We are aware Jessie J can SANNNNNNNNNNNNNNG and has always had the best singers in her team. She may have exit The Voice but has left high vocal standards! So the million dollar question now is who will take her place as judge next year? Any suggestions of any UK female artists that are in the same league as Ms JJ? The only person who is in the same league as her is Adele…I guess.

Metro are predicting Cheryl Cole will be the judge…


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