Happy Birthday America!

Showing love from London for my Yankees brothers and sisters. Despite the fact that you fought your independence from the the us. We’re still close allies…

…although we still have issue with the English barrier. Here’s few English translations from the so called ‘American English’

Kindergarten ~ Nursery + Infant/Primary School (years 1 & 2)

Junior High/Middle School ~ Primary School (from I think year 3) + Secondary School (year 7-9)

Potato Chips ~ Crisps

Candy ~ Sweets

Grade (like 5th Grade, 6th Grade) e.g 5th Graders ~ Years (year 5, year 6) e.g the year 5s

High School ~ Secondary School (years 9 -11) + College/Sixth Form (16-18 years) joined together

Soccer ~ Football

College ~ University

Pants ~ Trousers

Soda ~ Fizzy Drinks


Mall ~ Shopping Centre

Panties ~ knickers, thongs, briefs

Lavatory ~ toilet

These are just a few of the words that having different meanings on both sides of the Atlantic.  Nevertheless, enjoy your Independance Day America!


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