Films 2013: Amanda Seyfried is the Legendary Groundbreaking Lovelace

Amanda Seyfried debuts her possible Oscar-nominating role as legendary activist porn star Linda Lovelace in movie entitled Lovelace.

Joining her are Peter Sarsgaard as Lovelace’s husband & abuser Chuck Traynor, Sharon Stone as her mother, James Franco as porn mogul Hugh Hefner. Hank Azaria as the adult film director and Adam Brody; who joins the cast as Deep Throat co-star Harry Reems.

The film debut at the Sundance Film festival last year. If you enjoyed the Dreamgirls then be prepared for the dark amazing story of a porn-star that was naive, trapped and then set free from an industry where predominately women were nothing more than a sexual product for sexually-frustrated men. Yes, Linda Lovelace may have been the trailblazer for the adult film industry (which is getting too much nowadays) but she’s more recognised as the fighter and activist who finally detested an industry which made her famous.

Catch the film on August 9th.



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