Sean Fury: The Ratchet Youtube Sensation LMAO

There are a lot of vloggers and artists who are benefiting from the millions of views on Youtube. Others, are getting a lot of hits…but for the wrong reasons.

(brother in this image doesn’t look like that now).

My sister introduced to me on Youtube Sean Fury. Now I watched his song ‘Bi-racial Girl’, I was laughing. Even now writing this post I’m kind of embarrassing him because the dude thinks he’s a superstar with these weird dance moves. Can anybody tell me the age of this man because…dang! I don’t know how I can take Sean Fury seriously.

I’ve selected a few favourites

WARNING: Prepare to laugh off your seat as he’s delusional.

Oh, this one is my favourite…’she’s bi-racial, bi-racial girl’…when he goes off-key I just cringe like…ewww (laughs).

He’s the type that would fight for his place in an entertainment show like X-Factor or America’s Got Talent; no matter how many crosses he get hahahahahaha ><).

Viewers are being entertained with his off-key vocals; trying to sing like the 1990s swing/R&B/hip hop artists…but man Sean Fury, I’m a lady but I’m not one of your fans. So please, go and SIT DOWN geez (laughs)!


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