Music Monday: Context The ‘GameChanger’

Until now, we haven’t had an artist in the has made their mark since Mark Skinner from the Streets. Whilst everyone is loving the likes of Ed Sheeran & Professor Green; Context is already bringing his underground street influences to the forefront of mainstream pop.

Haven’t heard of this dude Context? Well, even before you began reading this post the MC is signed to EMI/Sony/ATV Stellar Records, best you follow @MusicWeek to keep up to date.

After reviewing his music and watching his videos, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a poetic-lyricist who has mastered the craft of mixing, matching and rhyming words; a unique skill that as seen him highly recommended by Plan B, SBTV, Huffington Post and MTV. With his laid-back-gritty-poetic flow the Norwich-brother-from-another-mother is bringing his own edit of the underground music that will get everyone bobbing their heads; bringing back the golden years of dubstep, garage, grime to a new generation. My favourite track so far from the rare jewel is ‘Drowning’.

Loving him already? Then watch these:

Even though he’s been featured on a vast range of music blogs, the brother still  has a long way to go to be recognised. However, he’s already on his way to becoming a ‘GameChanger’ in the UK music scene. Could we be seeing his tracks in the UK National Charts? I think so.

Check out the OFFICIAL VIDEO of track ‘Small Town Lad Sentiments’ a true future hit.

The track is available for download! Click here to purchase!




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