Summer Internship: The Look is Still On, But I’m On My Way

Here we are again, the end of the six month; half way through the year. In case you’re wondering, the interview with Fabric PR went really well. The team were elevating their mark as a Fashion PR firm by moving to their new office at the Old Truman Brewery whoohoo!…

…but I haven’t heard from them. Therefore my next plan of action is to simply email them back.

I’ve decided not to apply for the placement with Rizzle Kicks. After searching in the Google engine of ‘wardrobe assistant’, I came to the conclusion that it’ll involve a bit of sewing and I haven’t sewn for a while…maybe next time I’ll apply for another opportunity. Good luck to those who are passionate with working with the lads! Make sure you make your mark at this placement.

I’ve currently applied for the Volunteer Media Assistant at Media Trust; as I feel it’s a good opportunity to network and work with young people. Oxygen Boutique look very chic so I’m planning to apply with this fabulous company also. I love fashion and with fashion becoming a more digital industry, one must develop the skills that are essential to survive.

Media Eye looks good, I’ve tweeted in the past as to when opportunities will arise so it’s great that they’re looking for interns.

the media eye


…need to catch up with Entertainmentwise. I’ve sent my application but no response. Perhaps they’re busy.

Don’t worry folks, I’ll get there. I know that the Metro wrote an article warning graduates that they’ll have to expect a cleaning job as their first career move (gone are the days where you get a graduate job straight away). However, don’t let the media put you off your dream, if you think you’ll achieve your dream then you’ve already got it. There are jobs out there just make sure you apply for anything in relation to your dream career and make the most of it. I know this is not the right place to talk church now (I don’t care), but I believe that if you think positive, pray and believe in God that he’s good and he’s got your back then you’ll receive the fruits of labour in a thousandfold. Just be resilient, be patient and diligent.


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