Captain Planet & The Planeteers Movie (Not Cartoon)

Awww, all these movies of our childhood action superheroes just makes me want to be a child again. Any DC and Marvel Comics in my possession? No, but I did own a television that aired action shows like X-Men, Power Rangers,  Mutant Ninja Turtles (I used to be scared of the show) Transformers and Wild Cats…

…but out of curiousness, does anyone remember the show called Captain Planet (& The Planeteers)?

I hear that it wasn’t watched that much in the 90’s but it was popular in the 80’s. In consideration of the kids born in the 90’s and raised in the 00’s. I just give a round-up.

Basically, it’s about 5 special kids from each continent that are ‘friends of the Earth’.  Their name are as follows:

Kwame – Africa

Wheeler – North America

Linka – Soviet Union, Eastern Europe

Gi – Asia

Ma-Ti – South America

Each kid has a ring given to them by Gaia (the spirit of the Earth) that represents and has powers of earth’s elements:

Kwame – Earth

Wheeler – Fire

Linka -Wind

Gi – Water

Ma-Ti – Heart

When all of the elements unite it’ll create Captain Planet

It’s show that educates about global warming and the environment-but with all of the superhero action…I think.

Just to let you know that there’s a movie in the works. Inside Movies have confirmed that the producers have sign a deal with Sony to produce an expensive blockbuster. Yes, people a live movie is on the cards.

…I don’t know about you, but I never watched Captain Planet for edutainment (get it? Education & entertainment together). I just watch it because I was fascinated about these imaginary kids with rings that are powerful to defeat the ‘baddies’. Nevertheless, my expectations of the movie remake is high as I’m expecting macho-musclar bodies, CGI graphics, crazy costumes and some 3D madness. So surprise me Hollywood, surprise me.


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