New Reality Show Surrey Hills is Set to Rival TOWIE

The Only Way of Essex may be the champs of showing the lives of average joes (who many of us know) in the Essex but they’ll not be laughing for long…

Prepare for a new reality show rival, set in the Surrey countryside…

Metro reports that it’s rumoured to be called Surrey Hills; whilst Pappzd reports that it’ll be called Oh So Surrey. Now I’m hearing new rumours that the producers plan to call it. The Only Way Is Croydon…wait, HOLD UP! Don’t you dare take The Only Way is Essex. Pl-lease!  That title is already taken. Surrey Hills is much a better title.

Will there be about glamour-puss-wannabes? No. What about crazy young people who love to party 24/7? No.

Okay, this is my final guess…is it about a rich elite of friends that  end up to become frienemies? No.

The show, let’s say if called Surrey Hills, will follow the lives of a mix odd bunch of rich mummy boys and cougars. It sets the division between those that are living in the rich lovely parts of Surrey and the delusional try-hards.

Apart from getting tired of these reality shows (check out my post Reality TV-The Fast Route to Frame), isn’t 50% Surrey County Greenland?

Anyhoo, after browsing on the internet and seeing a few images, I think the show is going to be called Surrey Hills…(sigh)…

…and look, they have a twitter account already. Another sigh.


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