Neon Jungle: The Pop Quartet With Edgy Taste

@NeonJungleMusic are the recent RCA fresh ladies who plan to bring fun, mayhem and madness to the pop music scene.  The ladette-quartet (love how I made my words) have already got the likes of PopJustice, Hunger Magazine and Notion talking whilst world are still unknown to these rare jewels (unless you’re reading this you’re now in the know). Hmmmm, what will their sound be like? Will they become chart-stoppers? Any chance for them to become an international success? Oh, the questions, the questions…

To liven up my post, I’ll give you my own take on these ladies:

You’ve got Asami. Japanese born but a now Suffolk native, so expect to see her own take on Japanese fashion with a British influence.

Next is Amira. Sister has the best of both Africa & the Caribbean Islands in her roots (as she’s Gambian & Jamaican) so watch her mash-up urban & Hip Hop fashion from the 90’s to this present day.

Jess is from London who has the best of both worlds (her dad’s Jamaican & her mum is English) we can’t wait to see the fun flamboyant side of this lady that’s fun and laid back with her street fashion style.

Finally, we have Shereen; the Scottish belle with Belize heritage. She not your average Scottish girl though oh no, girl is sweet with her dark brown curls but a little rebel to the pop image. I mean, look at the sister’s face; it’s FIERCE (snap for the kids).

Unfortunately, there’s no pre-recorded material. Perhaps they’re working hard in the studio creating their music material that will sure get fans running at their feet…

…which has already begun. Check out their performance of their upcoming track ‘Trouble’ at Future Hits.

With the rise of entertainment reality shows, many girls are forming groups that are either a hit or a miss (take Little Mix, they all auditioned as solo artists but they clicked well once they became a group and are appealing to a very young-tweeny to teens type pop audience). For Neon Jungle well, you can scrap that idea of being manufactured into that pop-girl-group image; these ladies are going to the spotlight on their own. Having their stamp on the personality of their music material, Neon Jungle plan to bring the baseline real HARD into the pop scene, with some catchy-rap flow. So don’t expect the stereotypical from Neon Jungle; expected the unexpected. They are what I call, a pop-quartet-with-edgy-taste; if these ladies were able to get RCA Records then they’ll sure get the world.

So if you’re an individualistic-trendsetting-youth that is not into Little Mix, then NeonJungle will definitely be the secret ingredient in your boring cup of tea.


4 thoughts on “Neon Jungle: The Pop Quartet With Edgy Taste

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  2. I am so grateful for your blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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