What?! Leanne Mitchell’s Album Flopped? NOOOOOO

Congrats to Andrea Begley who won The Voice. I knew that she was a dark horse of the competition (even though I thought Leah McFall would win cos sister was routed to be the overall winner). Good thing that I pointed that out in my post ‘The Voice UK: Hot Favourites & Dark Horses.

Howwwwwever, did you know that Voice 2012 winner Leanne Mitchell’s album flopped?

I got two words for you…MAJOR SHOCKER.

Danny & Will.i.am questioned her commitments as to why she hasn’t released any of her material and after appearing on the finals of The Voice  UK since her win, it’s no wonder that she’s been behind the scenes sorting out the album situation, in which she’s describes being a ‘scapegoat’ of.  I wonder whether her rant tweet ‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been used as the scapegoat?’ sets the warning tonne for Andrea Begley…

According to her (Leanne), the record label Universal failed to released the album despite the fact that all of her songs were ready to be recorded in September with the intention that her album would be released before Christmas. Nevertheless, the singer maybe out (for now) but she’s not defeated as she reflects on the whole process as an experience:

‘…being very new to all this and probably too naive, I had to trust the people around me in making the right decisions. I think lessons have been learnt.’

as the saying goes experience is the best teacher. On the bright side, she’s starting with a new clean slate and hopes to get something released this year.

…so Andrea Begley, you better watch your back and don’t make the same mistakes that Ms Mitchell did…

…which she (Andrea) vows to have learnt from as she plans to release her album before Christmas.


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