EXCLUSIVE: UK Premieres Dark Girls Documentary

The much anticipated film documentary from America @DarkGirls_Movie focuses on black girls with dark-skin complexion. This is a taboo issue that is affecting the black community so a huge credit to the directors Bill Duke and D Channsin Berry.

It’s reflects on colorism in African-America. Think about it. Why is society praising those of lighter complexion and not sisters who have darker complexion? It’s funny how everyone wants a dark-skinned brother and not a dark-skin black sister. Everyday, young girls have to be bullied, treated differently and abused because of their skin. Gurrrrl, don’t get me started of some stupid desires of  black women wanting their children to be of light skin tonne of light eyes (which is why some of them hook up with a white or light skin dude). Isn’t a child, irrespective of their genetic make up beautiful because they’re a gift of God? Why do we people say ‘you’re pretty for a dark-skin girl’ or just shun them nothing more than their bums, hips and boobs (this is what Hip Hop does alot). Why are our own brothers making fun of them, saying that they’re ugly or unattractive? Why are we taking something that William Lynch started in the slave trade so literally to effect our everyday lives (if you don’t know in the slave trade those of darker complexion worked on the plantations and suffered more abused that those of mixed or light complexion who worked in the house and he was the one who started this agenda)?

This is what the film deals with, an issue that has spread a lot in black community everywhere in the world and you feel the pain that these beautiful sisters have…as well as the amazement of dark girls among other races, especially the white fellas who married (not because of their complexion), love and can’t get enough of them.

I know some of you tuning into my interesting-witty-weird blog have been looking far and wide to get access to the film, which is why I have some good news to tell you so please read on…

Dark Girls the Movie is coming to the UK! Hallejuah! On September the 19th in association with Abudant Sun Limited, they are holding an event in celebration of the UK launch. I know that this film will definitely get everyone over ‘hurr’ talking. Click here and get your early bird ticket now before the 1st August.

I’m so excited! I’m happy and proud that these directors have taken the risk to put this issue out bare for  everyone to see and as I’ve tweeted previously, I’m about #teamblackskin NOT #teamdarkskin or #teamlightskin. I’m not about that life.

Anyone who is bleaching right now should just stop. I’ve seen people bleach a lot especially if you’re naturally dark…the effects are not pretty. You’re better off being beautiful just the way you are. Don’t allow the media to control you mind! Girl, you’re chocolatey FINE (snap for the kids sister, snap for the kids).



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