This is Us: 1D in 3D. No Script, No Acting, No Gimmicks Just Us

While the Wanted are launching their reality show ‘The Wanted Life’ on E! One Direction are moving onto to bigger and better things.

Don’t know if you heard, (but if you did then you’re really up-to-speed), One Direction are following the likes of Justin Bieber & JLS to have their official life film in cinemas.

Their film titled ‘This is Us’ gives their international-multicultural-one-directioners to get an all access pass into the fellas’ everyday life.

…no script, no acting and no gimmicks just the five lads acting naturally. They trust the hands of director Morgan Spurlock to film them and give their fans a film of the guys as you never seem them before (besides their silent beef with the Wanted, cheating allegations, crazy boy antics etc). You lot who are hearing about this (and tuning into my lovely blog that is beginning to get alot of views) can see in their film from August 29- just in time before the next school year starts.

…hope that Little Mix will follow suit…but Wow! Number 1 in 37 countries! Now tell me which British boyband in our pop history has done that since the Beatles?! Whoever comes next must continue to keep Simon on his toes! 😀



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