The Twerk: An African Dance Move Gone Trash?

Miley Cyrus, Mollie King from the Saturdays, One Direction and Nicki Minaj are just the few that have begun the new dance crave known as the twerk.

In the black community this isn’t new. You see it in Hip Hop videos and in the clubs. However, after reading a cool confessions called the debate here is whether it (the twerk) makes black women to be just known for their sexual parts i.e. the booty and whether white people should be doing it. After all, there’s a true saying in our community that goes ‘everyone what’s to be black but NONE wants to be black’.

Don’t be fooled. Not everyone in the black community is a fan of the trending dance crave. Many believe it to be ‘trashy’ and just deepening the issues of black women being more known for ‘below the hips’ than ‘above the shoulders’. They argue that the reason it’s become famous was because Miley was doing it. She’s white (and famous) so it doesn’t matter, as she benefits from a dance move that is associated with black women as ‘slutty’ (think about it if a Black celebrity started doing it, the media would take it into something else). Others, on the other hand just see it as a dance move that shouldn’t be taken to a political level just because a ‘white girl’ is doing it. Instead, they believe that the black community should be proud that people are embracing our black heritage.

My question is this: How come the move known in African-American culture has become known as the twerk? I mean surely it must be inspired by some dance move in Africa called the Mapouka…

…even if people say that it was, it’s been reedited. African dancing has a lot of lower body movement involved and that includes buttocks. Each tribe in Africa have dance moves that were inspired by their environment and were used for mating, presentations,  liberation, festivals and celebrations. To conclude, Black people have always been inspired by dance. However, I think the twerk has become more of a sexual-lust move of attraction in the West (don’t know if it’s used for anything more).

Although, this is not the only dance crave that everyone wants to know how to do especially those who’re not Black/African. There’s the Azonto an Ghanaian dance move…

…and the Kukere, an Nigerian dance move (that’s my people’s YEAHEEE).

The only difference with these ones is that they are kept in the original form, not reedited for some sexual healing of some sort. I think the Azonto and the Kukere may cause some dance battles in the clubs. You know, who can swag it out the best…

Like it or not, the #twerk will still be debatable among many, but it’s amazing how others races want to do the booty-shaking hip moves. Let’s be real here, African men really know how to dance with those stiff figures of theirs moving their little hips and bums, which in Black culture in the Western world don’t do that much. So it’s up to you to decide whether you’re a #twerk lover or #twerk hater.

Nevertheless, I’m still waiting to see a big celeb placing the Azonto or Kukere on the map and do it good. Let’s see how everyone will respond.


One thought on “The Twerk: An African Dance Move Gone Trash?

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