Kimye’s New OFFICIAL Baby Name is…

Kimye’s got everyone thinking that their baby daughter’s name was Kaidance Donda West, which was why I wrote the post entitled  ‘Kimye’s ‘K’ Name Tradition Continues With Daughter as Name is Revealed’.

NEWSFLASH: That’s not the baby’s name! They done well of getting the media fooled. Looks like they’re having the last laugh.

So the baby’s new name is (drum roll please)…

North ‘Nori’ West.

Metro, Daily Mail and TMZ  have reported that this is the official name placed on the birth certificate. Kim was the one who was keen of continuing the ‘K’ name tradition that runs in her family. Although, I hear that Donda, West’s late mother is being considered as her middle name. So it’ll be North Donda West.

My only concern is that people would confuse the name with a compass or something so I think it’s best to call her ‘Nori’ for short.

OOOOh maybe the name North  has some reference to God or something…just a thought people, just a thought…

I don’t know about you but as for me, my child’s name must have a meaning.


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