I NEVER KNEW THIS! Alfonso Ribeiro is Married

We were all excited a few weeks back when Carlton Banks (real name Alfonso Ribeiro) appeared on the Graham Norton show to do that famous ‘Carlton dance’ from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If you haven’t see it still up to this day please check out post entitled ‘The Reminisce of the Fresh Prince: Will & Jaden Smith Takes Us Old Skool!’

Obviously, since appearing on that famous show of the 90s (the best decade ever), we know Will Smith has been making moves. However, has anyone wondered what happened to Mr Ribeiro?

Well, let me start by saying that the actor is now officially married to his second (YES second) wife Angela Unkrich. He was married before to a lady named Robin Stapler but got a divorce. Although, both parties (him & his ex-wife) are sharing joint custody of their daughter Sienna Ribeiro, good thing that they came to a middle ground.

Funny isn’t it? I didn’t know that brother is doing well. Maybe is a good thing, everything his not in the spotlight.

Did I mention that the brother is expecting his first child with Angela this Autumn 2013? No? Then you know now.


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