Films 2014 EXCLUSIVE: Transformers 4 Marks the Next Trilogy Chapter

Yes people, the announcement is already in the title. We haven’t  reached the end of the year and yet I’m already looking forward to 2014. Hope my hard work will get me to go to film premieres in London eh? 😉

Anyhoo, Transformers will return with new characters, casts and story line. I can’t remember from the top of my head but a while back, I was doing some research into any news about Transformers 4 and I found according to that source that the Transformers merchandise (toys, clothing, video games etc.) from 1,2,3 didn’t reach great expectations where sales is concerned…

Sorry to break the bubble though, Shia Lebouf will not return for the next installment of the sequel. You noticed that I said sequel right?  Well, according  to director Michael Bay, the fourth sequel marks the new beginning of the next trilogy installment i.e. Transformers 5 & 6 is in their plan!

Inside Movies have officially confirmed that Mark Wahlberg & Jack Reynor will star in the film, with Wahlberg replacing Lebouf.

So yeah, new characters,  new cast, new plot and the sinister new logo that intertwines with team Decepticons (freaky but in a good way as it creates suspense)…we just to wait and see for a long time, as the film is set to be released in Summer 2014. At the moment they are in production with some scenes filmed in London.


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