Films 2013: Leonardo DiCaprio is The Wolf of Wall Street

Hmmm (sniff, sniff) I smell the possibility of a few Oscar nominations with this film. If you thought the movie Wall Street (starring Nicolas Douglas & Shia Lebouf) was enough, check out Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill & Matthew McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street.

With the directing wonders of Martin Scorsese, Mr DiCaprio stars as main protagonist James Gatz (aka James Gatsby)  who made more money than any man could chew. In reality, he represents Jordan Belfort, a man who was arrested in the early 00’s. Alongside broker colleagues acted by Hill & McConaughey, these three men were living the high-life, ‘making that money rain’ as if there was no tomorrow. All three represent American Dream. You name it, the yatch, fast-cars, ‘bling bling’ (jewellery), big houses in different countries, girls…

Plus, Kanye’s West’s track Black Skinhead is used to create an engaging trailer that will get your heart pumping when it launches in US cinemas on November 16th…

…one YouTuber commented: ‘DiCapro and Scorsese  together has to be the best duo since Jordan and Pippen.’

Looks like a few Oscar nominations indeed.


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