Film 2013: Matt Damon Turns Up the Heat in Sci-fi Elysium

We can agree that Matt Damon was EPIC in the Bourne sequel. Whilst many of you are watching  him in movie Behind the Candelabra alongside Nicholas Douglas, check him out in this sci-fi action thriller Elysium.

The film is set in 2154, where people were divided into two worlds. You were either the high-class elite who live on Elysium; an high-tech utopian metropolis outside of earth where there is no sickness, crime, hunger, war and poverty. It’s the most heavenly place outside the planet where the free-luxury lifestyle exists…or you were on earth, just like the rest of the masses in this movie. Earth has been destroyed by the war, poverty, crime etc. (as stated previously) and the in order to continue their luxurious-free lifestyle, the elite create tough immigration laws to stop the overpopulated poor citizens on earth to enter  Elysium. Damon plays Max DeCosta who goes to undertake a dangerous mission to the Elite Elysium in order to be cured from his illness cancer. Also starring in the film is Jodie Foster, who plays the Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt.

The film will premiere in US cinemas this August.


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