Divorce Papers Are in for Billy Ray Cyrus

Yes people, blushfashionfiles has stated the shocking divorce announcement from Miley Cyrus’ mum & dad.

Tish Cyrus and actor Billy Ray Cyrus arrive at the premiere of their daughter's film 'The Last Song' held at ArcLight Hollywood on March 2010. 

After 19 years of marriage, Billy Ray Cyrus & his wife Tish have called it quits. I hear that he HAS considered filing the papers three years ago but had second thoughts because he wanted to get his marriage back on track. This time however, his wife is calling it off.

Man, 19 years…that’s very tough for Miley. Who at one point was about to get married to Liam Hemsworth; unfortunately for her, that went downhill. Even the young star is shocked too. Entertainmentwise.com & NY Post have reported how she (Miley)is trying to get into contact with her dad.

Shame that marriages don’t last nowadays. I hear an average marriage only lasts for 7 years…7!

…Hmmm, I guess that’s the reason more couples just do nuptials, instead of vows because vows are strong commitments.



One thought on “Divorce Papers Are in for Billy Ray Cyrus

  1. Actually, – unless we learn to think for ourselves, care ourselves and be accountable – not a single thing is gonna change. My ex-husband was like this – passive, infantile and demanding, now he is sitting on cracked all day upvoting jokes about jerking off. In case you don’t fight, you lose it. Excellent article. xOxOx Sarah- http://phytoceramidesreviewstv.com/
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