My Journey for a Summer Internship

So, another week and I’m still looking for internships. Usually, I would be doing one now but this year seems different. It’s great that I have a part-time job. However, that shouldn’t stop me advancing my skills that are making me short of getting an internship role.

Despite not getting any of the roles at Cancer Research UK, things are beginning to look up.

I have an interview next week at Fabric PR for the Press Officer Assistant internship post. It’s essential that I motivate myself to do that STAR method suggested to me. Tomorrow, I’ll apply for an internship at Free Holdings. Apparently the luxurious multi-cultural organisation is looking for interns for their secret world global party event in association with the Global Charity Trust.

Hmmmm….what other ones are there?

Well there’s VSO – who are recruiting for an Media Intern. One of my weaknesses was that I didn’t understood how the media operates in an third sector organisation. I’ve applied to People’s Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Press & Media Internship but I’m uncertain as to whether I got the position..

The Rizzle Kicks Placement in association with O2Thinkbig – I need to reconsider this opportunity. I was generally thinking to be a wardrobe assistant in the Glam department.

Entertainmentwise (Giant Digital) have inquired for my CV, which was good. Let’s hope that they reply back.

I just have to be open-minded about everything. God always has a reason why I didn’t get the role so everything is in His hands. Nevertheless, I’ll still continue to keep going because I’m always on the roll. 🙂


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