Films 2013: Wolverine Returns to the UK on July 25th

Mark the date in your diary superhero lovers (I’m one, used to be my childhood favourite): Wolverine returns to UK …YES! YES! YES!

This time, he returns to a modern Japan. I say, (according to the synopsis) he battles with his being on an emotional and immortal level. This is Wolverine vs life and death, Wolverine being vulnerable and Wolverine becoming powerful.

Guess the greatest enemy he struggles with is himself…

Who better to play the iconic character than Mr hot-stuff-from-down-under Hugh Jackman.  He’s the only one who can bring out the character’s personality out of those astonishing-illustrated Marvel comic books.

Tickets are available NOW. If you can wait and you’re thrilled with excitement then click here to pre-order. The film offers a 3D experience…3D!


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