The Woman Associated with Kanye West

Everyone in the media is gushing over the news. Kanye West? Cheating? NO, it can’t be! Well, check this lady who claims to have had a little ‘fling’ with the rapper during Kim’s pregnancy.

Her name is Leyla Ghobadi, a Canadian model who claims that the rapper has hitted on her a few times and then finally gave in, which lead them to have sex in his hotel room. At the moment there are no responses from either Kanye’s nor Kim’s representatives. But what’s funny is the fact that she’s justifying the reason for coming to the US Star Weekly and confessing for EVERYONE to see:

‘This is going to destroy the Kardashian family. It’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s just embarrassing. But if I were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know.’

This is the time I put my hand on my head and shout like I’m on the top of the hill…WHY OH WHY OH WHY?! Girl please, you knew that this brother was going was already in a relationship and knew that his missus i.e. Kim was pregnant. Is it me, all do you feel suspicious that there’s hidden agenda of why she’s making these claims? Is it her fast-track way to fame? Or to get money? After all, she was doing well rejecting his advances as she knew that he was kind of ‘settling’.

At the moment, publications such as the Daily Mail, NY Post, Hollywood Times & The Metro are stating that these are just ‘claims’ or ‘allegations’ i.e they are just rumours…

…but IF they are true then boy, that’s going to be fire under the mountain.



2 thoughts on “The Woman Associated with Kanye West

  1. I am not sure why should would come out in the first place? But you know what they say… Good publicity, bad publicity its all publicity… Heaux Be Like…

    • Totally agree with you which is why her confessing publicly sounds a little shady in terms of her decision. I know, that its good publicly for the lady cos she can state that she knows Kanye because she slept with him (which NOT a good way to know someone). I appreciate you coming to my blog and I feel very humbled.

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