The Voice UK: Hottest Favourites & Dark Horses

The Voice UK 2013 is fiercer with such amazing talent! I think many would agree that the winner would be within Jessie’s &’s team; with Tom & Danny having a few dark horses.  Taking into account that each judge lost one act to the public vote last weekend; here are my predictions of who I think would make it to the final. Please do not take it seriously, it just something that…I think is debatable and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Leah McFall

It’s almost like she’s got the singing voice of 60s & 70s but with the high pitches. knows that he’s got a winner, with even the potential of getting a record deal REGARDLESS. Her performance has already got approximately 670,000…700,000…well, something along those lines. Even her vocal flicks has just put Jessie J vocal abilities to shame! (I love Jessie J though she can sannnnnnnnnnnng and a few artists that can).

Check out her performance of that popular song  ‘Loving You’ in the knockouts

Jessie J

Ash Morgan

Love this brother, the humble Welsh lad is already made with his voice. So there’s no need to add or deduct to it. Everyone knows that the brother can sang. You can hear the emotion in his voice almost like the choir singers in church when they do an inspiring gospel song. That’s the coolest thing about The Voice, you can NEVER judge a book by it’s cover.

Love his re-edit of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Beyonce. Yes, it was a risk but it worked.

Tom Jones

Joseph Apostol

His name alone shows that’s he’s been blessed. The brother can take it there. I mean he can take us to church! His voice is very powerful, soulful and inspiring all bound into one. Hope he can showcase his powerful voice in the same way he did with the blind additions.

Apologies guys, I just wanted to root that ‘Filipino! filipino, filipino filipino!’ Even states that he’s Apple D’s favourite!

Danny O’ Donoghue

Andrea Begley

This is sister is living life to full. She’s a true inspiration to be honest. Always be grateful for the little things…

Anyways back to the topic, her voice is very sweet, very angelic she suits. She knows her strengths and doesn’t need to change it. She’s already won the nation’s heart isn’t it?

Now, here are the dark horses that can change the game of the competition. WARNING: please be prepared for the unexpected in the semi-finals.

Cleo Higgins

I know this sister can sing. Just wondering whether any of you have seen her video covers on Youtube.

Her edit of Beyonce’s Love On Top was really good. She just needs to remember not to get to carried away when performing.

Other than that she has some swag. If she continues to gradually add the same swag in her voice then she’ll be unstoppable. Girl, you got this.

Jessie J

Matt Henry

All I can say is brother’s got soul, brother’s got soul, brother’s-got brother’s-got brother’s-got soul! Plus, he’s the ONLY steal that still remaining the competition. You can hear the pain, love and struggle in his voice…reminds me of the early voices in the African-American blues.

He should bring his soulful voice more in the same way he did in the knockouts and the blind audition. Cos that is what will make him get into the final.

He really does look like the split version of Will.

Tom Jones

Mike Ward

All you folks in the US that love country music should really check this guy out. Apart from the fact that he’s a ‘good-looking lad’ i.e HOT his voice makes you to believe that he’s actually from down from Tennessee, Texas, Alabama ‘down with the country y’all’.

He may not do that great here (as only a minority like the country music) but he has great prospects if he went to the States though. I know that country music is a big-making-making-money machine over there. 🙂

So yeah, that’s the post. Feel free to comment by either liking the post as I’d  love to know your thoughts.


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