Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson Gives Us the Funnier Side of Internships

Raise your hand if you loved Wedding Crashers? The duo Vince Vaughn & comedic-partner-in-crime Owen Wilson return for comedy movie The Internship.

This movie will lighten your mood as majority of young people have to do internships numerous internships in order to a) gain experience  and b) have an insight into their dream career. There are good internships and bad ones, especially where you learn nothing other than how to make tea (say Amen if you get my drift).

Anyhoo, Vaughn & Wilson play two old skool men in there 40’s who try to get a career at Google where staff are in their 20’s. With the increasing digital world evolving on fast pace and having their business closed, both guys have to go back to square one and compete with the genius-elite to get that internship.

I know that feeling (as I’m a young person myself), if you want a paid internship, you have to compete and shine above the rest. Show your diligence, intelligence and resilience that you are the right candidate for the role.  I’ve recently been turned down for two roles at Cancer Research UK as I didn’t give enough depth about my experience. This is a stepping stone for me and I appreciate that they gave me feedback on improvements when answering questions in the interview stage. The fact that I was reconsidered again for a role in the Campaign Management Team is very humbling.

I’ll continue to intern in order to gain experience. Although, I have kind of changed my game plan when applying. I look for internship where:

  • They offer the chance to develop skills that are essential for your dream role.
  • Help with expenses/pay
  • Have the ability to develop strong contacts.

Please note that not all companies can offer all three.

I suggest that people should intern at non-profit companies, as you can easily gain skills that are transferable. I have my share of doing internships where there was no help at all to transport and everything was unpaid. Nevertheless, I’m still here and conquered them all. 🙂

…oh, I almost forgot to state  that The Internship movie will be released in the US in the Summer. So I hope us lot in the UK can get the chance to see it too.


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