Music Monday: Shakka Runs Things with Single Debut ‘Sooner or Later’

Many of you are fans of Wretch 32. But have you taken the time to find out who @iamShakka (with two k’s) is?

This should ring a bell: Wretch 32’s ‘Blackout track?

I had the chance to see him last year at Remel London’s #RatemePlz event. Even she (Remel) recommended him as the next big thing. His acoustic performance of his track ‘Strength of An Ox’ showcases his versatility in his voice. I suggest you check out his performance below that I found of the event:

He has seen himself on MTV’s Brand New Unsigned 2013 list, performed at the LoveLounge, We Play Music Live by DejaVu FM and at the Carnival last year. To be honest, the number of performances he has done is a record number. So he’s very popular in the UK underground scene.

Growing up in South London is a great privilege, as one can be influence by Afro-Caribbean and urban culture combined. Shakka music material is influenced by his preferences to Dub Reggar, Dubstep, Motown & Garage. It’s not surprising that he’s got a degree in music has the talent runs in his family. His dad was a producer and guitarist for reggae band Foreigner’s Crew!

I know, I know. You’re like ‘so what? What does his background life got to do with anything? Does he have any material that I can listen to?’ Or maybe some you may assume that he’s just another featured artist on a big track and will never return to establish himself as ‘Shakka’. Well, I can tell you that his collaboration with Wretch has got him noticed.  Check out his single ‘Sooner or Later’  which is available to download via iTunes.

In terms of other Shakka music, check out his EP called the Shakkapellas where he re-edits popular songs by mainstream artists. If you want to listen, then click on the image below…

The Shakkapellas cover art

…otherwise, keep watching out for Shakka. I hope my insight has you intrigued because ‘he run this…he runs this…he runs this…he run this, he runs this thing darle, run this thing’ (laughs).


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