‘X Factor’ Curse Hits On Alexandra Burke

So we all know that JLS are splitting, but has anyone wondered what Alexandra Burke’s been up to? Afterall, many assume that she’s still flying high after her win on X Factor right, RIGHT?


Well, the good news is that she’s still around. Bad news? She’s also now experiencing that ‘X Factor’ curse as Glamour.co.uk & Daily Mail have confirmed that the singer has been dropped from her record label RCA. The reason well, let’s say that she didn’t live up to their expectations. Surprisingly, this is the SECOND time that she has parted ways; as the same situation occurred with her deal with Syco. Her last single ‘Let It Go’ entered into the UK singles chart at number 33-dropping rapidly to number 74 the week after (from 33 to 74?! that almost like someone doing a massive tumble down a long row of stairs); despite the fact that her version of ‘Hallelujah’ sold 105, 000 in one day (to be honest though that’s not like Beyonce, Rihanna or One Direction I hear that they sell millions in minutes).

However, have no fear all you Alexandra Burke fans, she’s working day and night on her new material and has already signed a new management deal with Def Jam. Yes, I know. The same heavyweights that handle Jay-Z & Kanye West. So look out for her new album next year.

If you don’t know about the music industry then let me explain briefly:

  • If you win on a talent show, you automatically get signed to Simon Cowell’s record company.
  • Apart from your cover of a old tune (because that what they use) hitting number one, all of your tracks and albums must be within the top 5 if not 3 in the UK Singles & Album Charts. This is usually determined by the amount of copies being sold, downloaded (legally), brought etc.
  • If you don’t meet those expectations you’ll get cut as music is about making money and most companies (especially Simon Cowell’s) will not waste their time on someone who is not repeating the same success.

Shanye Ward & Matt Cardle didn’t survive the X Factor curse either; as they too also experienced the chop. So if you were wondering what they’ve been doing and why they haven’t released anything new tracks then well, I’ve just stated it. So you never know; that X Factor curse can hit anyone it chooses really.


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