Tulisa’s Pitfalls-From-Stardom-Grace Number Four: The ‘Set Up’ Drug Scandal

I was enjoying Nandos with my work colleagues when Yahoo! just placed the news (via my Iphone) that Tulisa has been arrested for a ‘fixed-drug’ claim or ‘drug claim’… whatever you want to call it.

Poor Tulisa, after being described by MANY (excluding me) as the most hated and annoying woman of Britain, this has to be take four of her stardom-pitfalls-from-grace. Let’s recall the sex-tape leak by her ex (idiot brother looking for quick money) as well as her album ‘Female Boss’ selling only 7,000 copies and oh, how about her recent axe from X-Factor, which is a ‘total bummer’.

All I can say is that the reporter who disguised his/herself as a drug dealer proper  ‘set her up; which in affect, created a media frenzy. Everyone from the Sun (not surprised) to the Daily Mail are all creating their spin on the scandal. It has now been confirmed by the BBC that she has been released on bail; indicating that she was innocent…I think.

Anyways, whatever you want to believe, I just hope she has a great comeback, that’s if it’s possible. Although judging by the amount of haters she ‘s got, I think it’s best for her to enjoy her life out of the public eye.

Maybe she should consider that offer from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing….


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