Music Monday: Miguel is Hosting LoveDough’s Night of Soul

Let’s forget the horrible incident at the Billboard Awards (that fades to black). Good news is that he’s been invited by DJ Melody Kane to host LoveDough.

Wondering who I’m talking about? Well, I’m TALKING about Miguel; one of the biggest US singers right now. Yep, he’ll be arriving on our shores for one-night only. Joining him are Lovelle Hill, Hayley Cassidy and Yasmeen, who’ll be performing.

Lovelle Hill is a current contender on BBC’s The Voice. Having already been described by mentor Jessie J as someone with potential, Ms Hill is taking her personal experiences performing at gigs and events to showcase to the world what she’s made of. Check out my previous blog post titled ‘Lovelle &  The Luminites Started from the Bottom But Now They’re on TV’ 

Hayley Cassidy has received massive coverage from the likes of, SBTV,, Link Up Tv & MTV Wrap Up. She even performed at WePlugGood music & Urban Development (UD) Live. If you felt that R&B has died or miss those 90s and 00s R&B tracks, then check out her album ‘Stripped’. She’s one artist who is bringing the ‘oomph’ to UK’s R&B/Soul. After all, she is working with the biggest producers and co-writers in the game. I’m looking forward to the video for her new track ‘Wish You Well’. I think it’s going to be HOT.


American native Yasmeen has already released her first track ‘Blue Jeans’ in 2002 under Geffen Records, as well as doing amazing re-edits of her track ‘Ready or Not’. Now the singer is returning to the music scene. Expectations and questions are arising as there’s no pre-release information about the singer! What has she been doing? What’s her new sound? How come she’s making a comeback? We have to wait and see.


The Female Takeover will go down this Friday at Proud Camden.


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