‘At Last’; L Marshall is Ready & Set To Take Over the World

Brother-from-another-mother @LMarshallMusic. What I can I say? Most of you remember Wretch 32’s first breakthrough track ‘Traktor’ right? Well, guess who was singing the hook?…

The fine rapper (real name Thomas Griffith) from London has released a new video for his track ‘At Last’. The news has already cause a buzz on Twitter this evening.

L Marshall has already achieved many things. Apart from being the silent hero behind Loick Essien’s No. 2 smash ‘How We Roll’ in 2011, the rapper singer has been making hits of his own. Mr Marshall has been working alot with homegrown talent – as well as international scenes. To sum it up, he’s also in the music scene as well as behind hit.

Let’s recall who he has colloborated/worked with so far from homegrown Britain. Well, there’s Wretch (obviously), Sincere, Sneakbo, Little Nikki, Cheryl Cole, JLS…okay, I’ve tried but the list is increasing endless.

Every past decade in the last century have created a different, if not a new sound of music, which has inspired future superstars to even produce, their own edit of their inspirations and influences thanks to technology. L Marshall takes his so sound inspirations from every genre and artist. Whether its ghetto-philospher-about-the-truth Tupac (Hip Hop) or futuristic-dance duo Daft Punk, the artist will mix the different sound together to make his own music persona. His singing is even better than that of Drake to be honest and with his swagger-like-dope-flow, he’ll be plane-sailing soon. He’s already on his way to making millions.

The track is from his forthcoming album ‘Kissing in Fire’. So why not take the time and check out the video..

…otherwise just click to view it on the right hand side of the page.


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