Music Monday: Musicalize

Okay, it’s Monday so here’s the round-up.

@MusicalizeUK is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday and they’ve invited body-popping, showstopping singer R&B songstress Ciara to the party!


The event’s theme is all about the females therefore, it’s an all ‘Ladies Night’ of new talent as MO, Little Nikki & Lady Leshurr are also leading the celebrations. MO are three lovely-dovley ladies from London who have already released two videos. Check out my previous blog post entitled “MO trio ‘Aint Got Time’ For Haters On Their Quest For Success” to find out more.

Little Nikki has already gained experienced in the music scene, as she used to be in the pop trio group ‘Soundgirl’. Now the acclaimed solo artist has no regrets of going alone. I remember hearing about the ‘chica litta’ during my internship Guestlist I think now she’s under new management. Nevertheless, in the last 5 months she was one of the ten shortlisted candidates for MTV’s One’s to Watch 2013, signed to Columbia Records, collaborated with L Marshall…her list of solo success is endless. To be real, I loved her ever since introductory track ‘Intro Intro’.  I described her music material as the sweeter-street version of Rihanna with a mix of drum & bass.  Her single ‘Where I’m Coming From’ is available to download on iTunes (just to say though, her dance choreography is so cool).

Lady Leshurr maybe small; but her dynamic super-spotaneous-freestyle-flow is what makes her capable of defeating any rap giant. The singer/rapper and producer from Birmingham has been making moves in the urban scene and is one of the trailblazers of Britain’s grime and homegrown music. Now she’s gaining the attention of mainstream radio networks Galaxy & Radio One as well as the world, after 100,000 viewers tuned into her re-edition of Chris Brown/Busta Rhymes hit “Look At Me Now”.  All I can say is the sister is on her a way…

So ladies, the female takeover is on Friday 14th June  at the IndigO2. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster so get them now!


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