Lovelle Hill & The Luminites Started from the Bottom But Now They’re on TV!

Who knew that @LovelleOfficial & the @LUMINITES would reap the ‘fruits of their labour’ by performing on the two MEGA shows on television? For those of you who don’t know, both artists have been highly rated and recommended on the music underground and have hustled to get to where they are today.

Lovelle had a double page spread in LOOK Magazine two years ago and performed at the official launch of Roundhouse Rising in 2011. Therefore, seeing her ace her blind auditions (on BBC The Voice) was amazing. Honestly, I was surprised to find this out on her Twitter feed however, I’m so happy for her!


You can check my live interview here

Since seeing the Luminites at the first official launch of Britain & Ireland’s Next Model Live in 2011, I was already in love. The market is calling for a cool quartet that consists of a beatboxer (R-tizt who is REALLY REALLY GOOD) and three talented individuals who also have skills in playing instruments. Simon Cowell looks like he’s found the UK’s answer to the Black Eyed Peas. I believe that after multiple performances on the streets of London they are on their way. My advice, check out their tracks; you’ll really love their sound.



I even still think that I have the groups flyer with their autograph on it. I think in another post I’ll upload the image.

Anyways, I do wish them the best and hope that they’ll stay in the competition until the end because both acts deserve it. 🙂


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