I’m Going to Miss These Guys (JLS)

Can this week be any worse? Arrrggh! First More! magazine and now the most finest (attractive) quartet (that was EVER successful after X Factor) JLS. I mean, I did see the feed on MSN of them in suits but I never knew it was because of their shock announcement.


I still reminisce when they came on X Factor in their matching coloured shirts when they done an acapella of ‘If I Ever’  (I was working at the deceased Woolworths back then). Since appearing on the show and coming in second, they’ve made history on X Factor to be one of the best boy groups to ever be on the show and have success afterwards. Therefore, being trailblazers for the resurrection of the UK boybands, we’ve seen the likes of One Direction, Union J & District 3 also appearing on the show (although I must admit, One Direction was Simon’s making).

JLS to me are role models  as I remember when they came at a time when they was huge knive crime epidemic. Both the news and the media were debating about the whole ‘male crisis’; where there was a lack of male role models in the Black community (which was blown out of proportion to some extent). These fellas prove a point that despite the exaggeration by the media, there are (and is) good men out there that are rare jewels in their society. Their value as fathers. brothers, uncles, teachers etc, is worth more than any diamond (just a shame that we ladies have to dig HARD before we can find one).

Anyways, (back to the subject) I’m going to REALLY miss these guys together. Every woman and girl alike had a soft spot for them. I can recall when two of my friends attended the media run at the Jingle Bell Ball last year. They kept telling me how they were nice fellas in real life (which is so cool, as most celebrities are bit big-headed about their fame these days).

Their split can also be seen as a mark of a celebration. Afterall, at least they are not splitting up due to feuds within the group. These guys will always will be close friends. Outside JLS, they are four lads that are like brothers-from-other-mothers. I wish Marvin a happy family life and flourishing career. Ortise with his own prosperous career prospects, JB on his new passion for farming and Ashton on his future because it’s a bright one…

While many if you JLS lovers are weeping over the news, here’s something that will cheer you up. Check out this upcoming boy group from Liverpool called MIC Lowry. They are between the ages of 16-17 years and have harmonies that will make you swoon. They recently performed at ILUVLIVE so do watch the video of their take of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About You’ and their track ‘Restart’.

Remember these names ladies: Akia, Kaine, Ben, Delleile and Michael. You’ll be seeing more these lads to a city near you. You can show your love for this group by following them on Twitter @WeAreMicLowry


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