More! Is ‘No Mo’

Seeing the tweet on my Iphone that More Magazine is closing was like a dagger slit my throat. More was loved by many young women/teens for its witty perspective on men, fashion, celebrities and relationships.


According to the magazine, they were unable to keep up with the evolving digital age. I mean, everyone has got a 4G phone nowadays and not everyone buys the hard copy from the shops. It’s such a shame as I really aspired to do work experience with the publication.  The fact that the magazine was struggling to keep up in the digital age within these tough conditions is challenging. Afterall, they have been around for 25 years.

Being in the digital age makes you to realise why companies demand for candidates to have skills in digital communications e.g. knowing how to use the social media, web development, video production etc. Digital media is becoming form of  profit. I feel it has become a multi-billion industry; hence why both companies and all industries alike  have diverted their strategies to appeal to all things digital, whilst many fall by the wayside.  To conclude, the digital communications sector is all about the survival of the fittest. Companies must either adapt or just deteriorate.

Now I need to look for a work experience elsewhere…


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